Can i have some give me a idiots guide on what offset and fill is?

i have tried to use offset and fill on text images or pic arts cant seem to understand what it does i have tried it about 10 or 15 times never got one successful burn out of it what kind of projects do people use this feature for ?

Fill is one of the cut setting modes. Quoting our documentation, “Fill mode permits you to instruct the laser to scan line by line and fill in the shape you want, similar to how a paper printer works. Fill mode will fill in closed shapes, but not open shapes.” You can find more details here,

For Offset, we need a bit more from you to direct appropriately. If you are talking about one of the modifier tools, the Offset is used to create additional shapes, offset from the originals, and based on the selected shapes. You can find more details here,

If instead, you are asking about the ‘Offset Fill’, this is one of the cut setting modes designed to fill an object with lines that follow the shape of the object. If you have ever worked with a CNC router, it would be called an “offset pocket” operation. You can find more details here,

Show us what you intend to accomplish and what results you are observing. Also include screenshots of the settings you have tried. Help us “see” what you are after, and we might have some workflows to help. :slight_smile:

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