Can I make lines appear thicker\easier to see in the GUI?

I’m having some difficulty with the Lightburn GUI. Specifically, I’m having difficulty seeing the lines on screen and clicking on them with the cursor.

Is there any way to make them appear thicker, or to change how they are displayed to make them more visible, without effecting how they cut?

For example, the toolpaths are all dotted lines about 1 pixel wide. Can I make them 2-3 pixels wide or continuous?

I’ve tried dark mode, but it’s not really helping.

I really wish that were possible, too, but … nope.

If you haven’t already set the cursor to be a full-screen crosshair, that helps make it more visible:

I vaguely recall the problem lies in the framework they’re using for Windows / Mac / Linux compatibility. If it were a matter of changing a constant from 1 to 3, I think it’d be an option by now. :man_shrugging:

I have put in a feature request for that.

Change line width.

Most layer colors are barely visible. Would be nice if lines were wider or background color could be changed to give more contrast.

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