Can I replace my J-Tech Laser with a different brand?

Hi all,
We have a jtech laser mounted on X-Carve and think the laser has died.
Can we just buy a laser to use in the jtech mount?
If we can, what would you recommend?
We are based n the UK
Many thanks


I believe that you may be able to get a more authoritative answer from the X-Carve forum.

Not sure if anyone in our Lightburn forum is on the up and up in X-Carve technical support

Cheers and Good Luck


Thank you very much!

I was one of the very first people to use the J-Tech laser with my X-Carve. Why the J-Tech is worth the money is because of the engineering that has gone into the power supply and the vetting of the laser diodes he uses. That being said, I upgraded my diode laser and used his power supply. I have not used it since I purchased my CO2 laser but it is getting ready to be resurrected to do tiles. I am getting my 3D printer back into running mode with a new computer so I can print the parts of the gantry I am going use with the diode laser.