Can I return to 0.9.13?

I am a long time RDworks user and trying to get up to speed with LB. I am having issues since the program updated to 0.9.14- the Z energizes when the laser should fire and can only be stopped by resetting the laser. I have not been able to figure out what is happening. I would like to go back to the last issue as a test. Thanks Gene

Have a look through this thread:

and these controls:

And see if that helps.

Thank you Sir, I am sure that was the problem. Was that enabled in the .14 update as it was a new issue.

I think some of the Z axis stuff was added or changed for 9.14. I don’t have a powered Z so I didn’t pay that much attention, but remembered a couple of threads that sounded like your situation.

Glad you got it sorted out.

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