Can I run two engravers off of one computer with Lightburn?

So I am trying to run two engravers off of one computer with Lightburn. I even created two different device tabs for each machine. When I switch the device, the program still only runs the one machine initially used. Am Imissing something? Or is this just not possible? Truly appreciate the help. Thank you!

Are you connecting the machines via USB or Ethernet?

Thanks, but I actually just figured it out. I will remove the post. Thanks again

Actually I would also like the answer to this question as I would prefer just using one computer. I currently have two.

I have three different machines that I run off of one computer here. All three hooked up via Ethernet and an Ethernet switch. Different profiles for each machine that have their IP addresses in the profile. I can switch between all three, send jobs and let them run.

We are running USB. We just have to open light burn in two separate windows. Then down by devices we have to select the correct COM that the usb is using. This can easily be done by going to device manager and plugging in machine usb to identify which com that machine is using. Thats how I did it anyway. Not sure if thats the best way. Thanks for all the support and help.

Thanks to both of you for the two options!

You can’t run two lasers simultaneously from one copy of LightBurn, but you can open multiple copies and run a different laser with each one.

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