Can I send a work to my NEJE Master 2S Plus 30W and power off Lightburn?

as i have a long cutting work to do, I would like to send the work from Lightburn to my NEJE Master 2S Plus 30W and power off Lightburn and pc.

Did the cutting process will go on or it will stop?

I know my NEJE Master 2S Plus 30W can do this with neje software but I can’t find the way to do it with lightburn.

Any help?

Thank you

GRBL is streamed on the fly as the job is running. NEJE’s own custom firmware might allow running the job from memory, but they do not publish information on how to do that.

Actually i was thinking to export a cutting file from Lightburn and open in the neje software, then send to the laser, in this way the laser will keep in memory the file and then you should be able to print without the support of a computer.

But if from Lightburn I export a file as .ai .dxf or .svg I am not able to open it with neje software.

Normally the .dxf should be opened by Neje software but in the practice this not work…

Is like Neje software need a different version of .dxf file compared to the one exported by Lightburn.

I am stuck with this… any help? It would be great to use our laser without the usage on a computer, specially for long works…

have you tried running this file “transit” through Inkscape? (only a suggestion, I do not have the opportunity to try it myself)

Can’t the file be saved as G-Code and then serially transferred to the GRBL controller? There would have to be a separate, intermediate, device to queue the file and then handle the transfer to the laser (akin to Octoprint).

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