Can I use both version of Lightburn on my computer

I have an Ortur Master 2 laser I use the G-code version and I just bought a K40 that I am using Meerk40t on so like a Ruida controller so need DSP Lightburn. I would like to try the trial version of the DSP.

I don’t think you can have 2 different licenses installed at the same time on the same machine but I could be wrong about that.

I think you may be able to drop your current key and replace it with the trial. This would allow you to use both your OLM2 and K40 while you are evaluating. You could then replace the trial with your official key or upgrade from there.

However, not sure what the rules are around trials, especially if you already used a trial when you first bought LB.

I suggest you send an email to and explain this situation. I’m sure they can help you sort out a way of handling this.

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