Can I use Light Burn without connecting to Atomstack directly?

Hi - I am just about to order an Atomstack A20 Pro 20W Laser Engraver - I only have a desktop PC in my home office and the Laser Engraver will be in my workshop the machine has an offline controller so my question is can I generate the required code in LB and then copy it to a card and insert it in the offline controller - Thanks in advance & Happy New year! - PS this is my first Laser machine and I’m a retired old geezer so any help will be great

I believe this is possible.

  1. Use File->Save Gcode or “Save Gcode” in Laser window to save the gcode of the job to a file
  2. Transfer file to SD card or whatever other method your laser uses for offline access
  3. Insert SD card into offline controller, pick the file, and burn.

There’s likely a specific procedure you can use to frame the job on your laser so check for that.

Thank you I’ll give that a go

I have loaded up LB demo and I can set up manually - my machine isn’t listed but there are 3 GRBL options - grbl - grbl-lc - grbl-m3 does anyone have any clue which is the right one for the Atomstack A20 Pro 20W output

GRBL is the right profile.

Once again thanks for your help - Cheers Geoff