Can Lightburn select the parts of job to engrave?

Can Lightburn select the parts of job to engrave?

For example, there is an apple picture that needs to engrave.

But don’t want to engrave all parts of apple picture, just wanna engrave the left side of apple picture and ignore the right side.

Or it can be said that the laser machine just already engraved the right side of apple picture.
Suddenly, the power failure happened and the laser process stopped.
After the power recovery, can I only select non-engraving part (left side) to complete job?

Does Lightburn have this kind of function? Thank you.

LightBurn does not have the ability to partially engrave an image at this time, no.

You can change the scan angle to run from top down instead of bottom up, so if you ran part of an image it is possible to run the other part and stop it when it meets the existing image.

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