Can not use software

computer crashed and cannot figure out how to acctivate

Have you lost your key, or do you get an error message?

You have these three computers currently listed on your license.


Are any of these the one that died, and are the others still used?

no my computer died and i bought a new one its says key not valid my license is due in aug so i would like to renew at this time

Look at the list above - Those are the names of computers that are registered to your license key. If you enter the key on a new computer it will say “Activation limit reached” because the license is still attached to these computers.

The license system uses a digital fingerprint of the computer to know which ones it’s on. If a computer dies, the system doesn’t know, so you need to tell us and we can remove it.

I just removed all three, so you should be good to go, you’ll just need to re-enter the key on any computers you use.

You can renew on our website here:

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