Can only burn from home position

I can burn from the home position, but if I move the laser out to center on a piece, I get this error message. “There was a problem sending data to the laser.” I’ve already tried using tips from the forum, but nothing works.

There’s a bug in Ortur’s firmware that’s causing LightBurn to lock up waiting for a reply. This has been addressed with our next release which I’m hoping to have out very shortly.

Any idea when the release will drop? I am working on a project that needs to start from the middle.


Try this:

  • Go to Edit > Device Settings
  • Enable $J jogging
  • Restart LightBurn
  • Go to the Move window
  • Enable ‘Continuous Jog’

That should bypass the bug that’s locking the UI and get you going again. We should have this out shortly, though I’m trying to nail down a different issue that’s causing another GCode machine not to connect.

Thanks - for the quick response as well as a great product…

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