Can save the calibration setting for different lenses individually?

Personal lenses calibration setting can be saved?

How can I save the settings (lens calibration) for my own camera separately? Or do I really have to do this every time I want to recalibrate the alignment?
If so, where is it saved and how do I recall the *

I have now calibrated many times and clicked “done” at the end.
Only apparently nothing is saved.

*I have read that something is stored in the ini. But this seems to be only for calibration and alignment. I am just not sure about the translation. I hope this question does not already exist.

Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to select the lens calibration for your own camera? For example in the pop-up menu. Just like the selection for the Lightburn cameras. You could also swap cameras and pass on settings.

I took the liberty of creating a sample photo :slight_smile:

My version of LightBurn is 0.9.16
Mac OSX 10.13.6

many Greetings

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