Can single objects be removed from groups?

Can single objects be removed from groups without affecting the rest of the group? I have noticed that if you add objects to the same group sequentially that if you starting ungrouping that group it takes the objects out in the opposite order that you added them. Are there any other tricks that can be done with grouping and ungrouping?

That’s not adding a single object to a group, exactly, it’s creating a new group that contains the first group and the new object.

If I created two black circles and grouped them, the black rectangle represents that group. Then if I select that group and the blue circle, the blue rectangle represents that new group:


Ok, thanks. Is there any way to edit a part of a group without ungrouping? I saw inkscape was able to do this. I know we talked about how lightburn is laser focused and not art focused, but i need some more info on group and layer control. I CONSTANTLY leave parts of objects behind when ungrouping and regrouping to make edits, usually when I overlap obects for alignment purposes. I couldnt seem to find much detail on grouping on github, am I missing a resource? Is the github documentation the most detailed manual?

Grouping in LightBurn is relatively simple - you can group and ungroup, and you can’t edit anything within a group without ungrouping it. We don’t have a mechanism for editing anything within a group.

Can you describe what you’re trying to do?

That would depend on what you mean by “edit”. Node editing, no. Arrangement and placement in workspace, yes. So, what is your definition of “edit”?

Is there something in addition to the above you have a particular question about?

The current documentation is the most complete public document available, yes.

We are currently in process of a documentation re-write which you can take a peek at here (please excuse any dust bunnies): LightBurn Software Documentation

You can’t move part of a group, just the whole thing.

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