Can someone explain welding and boolean commands?

I am trying to take text, combine it and place it in a circle. So what I did is use text, weld it so I am able to move the letter together for my plasma cutter to connect them together so it cuts out in one solid piece. One i have the letters together how I want I group them together. I use a circle, offset it and group the two circles together. I will try to resize the name inside the circle if i need too but sometimes I need to cut off parts extending beyond the circle. When I try to weld it all together it doesnt work. Can someone explain if I am only able to weld 1 time or perform 1 boolean. I dont understand the order of things

Bring a picture or sketch of what you want, it is always much faster and better to see/understand the problems visually and it usually also gives the best results for others to help.

…not sure if that covers your problem, but there are tons of videos on YT… :wink:

Might like this video also…


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