Can someone please explain pens/libraries

Let me provide some more detail, wasn’t sure how to title this and/or ask it, but here goes.

I have a library with many settings, so I’m good there in concept.
I have jobs that I’ve created, using layers, multiple pens/settings, so I’m good there.
My problem/question comes from this and I’m probably missing a setting or something.

I have job 1 that has 5 pens, so each pen is defined as what it does and has the corresponding settings for a given material and lens. Let’s say pens 1-5

I have job 2 that uses some of the same setting/pens and some additional pens, so let’s so additional pens 6-10.

Now I have job 3 and I want a slight variation to one of the previous pens because of material, lens or whatever. I can’t use pens 1-10 since they are already used. So I use pen 11.

This is where my question stems from. Sooner-rather-than-later I’m going to run out of pens. I’m coming from EZCrash, so that might be part of my problem/not understanding something; but can I just have my pens/settings apply to 1 job or get saved with the job? and NOT set to that all the time?

Why is there a need for a library, since after I get all my pens defined, that is going to be my library anyway? I figure I must be missing something… Thanks…

Are you speaking strictly about Galvo behaviour on EZcad?

Or about your CO2 laser?
Is it a Galvo CO2?
If not which controller is it using?

Talking about LightBurn for a Fiber Galvo.

Are you asking if you have to set up speed/power with every new job you start? because that’s a yes, or atleast you’ll have to be prepared to overwrite previous settings, there is a feature to save material specs to a library so if you come back to needing the settings you had you can

Sorry, hard to explain. Kind of yes about setting up speed/power for every job. That is what I would expect, but all my previous settings are there. If I had previous setting defined for the first few colors (black, blue, red, etc.) those settings stay there for the new job. This is my concern. So now I can’t use those settings/pens or whatever they are called (assuming I need something different) because if I change them, then the jobs that use them won’t work anymore. I’m going to run out of colors very quickly.

I understand the library, but since the setting by color/pen stay there, you almost are creating 2 libraries (the color/pen settings and the library itself).

I hope this makes sense.

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