Can’t delete files

I believe my Rudia controller memory is full . When I go to delete file it will not . The controller seems to sit and do nothing . Need help resetting or clearing the memory . I’m running Lightburn which I love. It just seems my laser memory is full

You really have not made this as easy as it could be Ryan. “Beam 3” listed in your user profile tells us little about the important technical information required to offer you support. Now I have to ask.

What OS and version of LightBurn are you using? When you say, “When I go to delete file it will not .”, can you explain what exactly you did and what did or did not happen? Where did you try to delete the file from? LightBurn or directly from the controller menus?

Sorry it’s a new machine. I have light burn and it’s the new version as the machine and laptop has windows 10 , it’s also new .

The controller is a ruDia . I have tried to delete files right on the controller . By going to file then once the files are shown . I highlight one press the right arrow and scroll down to delete and press enter but nothing happens

If you click the first file, and you have many of them, it can take a while - it’s moving all the other ones up to fill in the gap. If you delete from the end it takes much less time. You can also delete all files at once, in LightBurn or in the controller, and that goes much faster too.

Where do I go in lightburn to delete them? I have spent just under 700.00 with Cancom which I just got the machine from and it does not work as the memory is full . . Any help would be great

File list tab in the upper right. If it’s not there, you’ll need to enable it in the “Window” menu. There is a “Delete All Files” button to make it easy even.


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