Can´t find back Frequency Menupoint

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a little problem. I´am using LB yesterday for first time.

In the first configuration i have set the frequency on a menu and i can´t find it back for testing my YAG with a Ruida controller.

Can anyone tell me, where i can find it back.

Thank you
Greets Michael

Yeah, we found it back.

the menupoint is in the layer menu. when you chose “line” it exists, if you chose “fill” it is up up and away .

I make my yag tests with the fill option, and the point is away :neutral_face:

LightBurn does support the Ruida family of controllers but we do not have a lot of experience supporting YAG laser cutters yet. You are correct, we do not have ‘Override PWM frequency’ exposed for other cut settings like ‘Fill’ at this point. If you are willing, can you explain a bit more about what you are needing from LightBurn to support your testing?

Hi Rick :smiley:

for a YAG laser is the pwm the half hartbeat. It is 50% what a YAG and his Q-Switch driver need.

For 100% it will need one function more. It is the variable “Q-Pulse witdh” and hang bevor or behind the pulse of the pwm.

It gives the Q-Switch time to load the laserpower in µs.

For both function -> line and fill is the menupoint Frequency important.

A highlight will be a point q-pulse to give the q-switch time that he need :smiley:

The YAG works with the pwm only nice, but very nice is both :sunglasses:

Give me a few days and i can show you here graphics from a oscilloscope to better understand the pwm function and the q-pulse that i make with EZCad.


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