Can’t get anything to complete except text

I using marlin 2.0 on 32 bit SKR PRO. I cannot get dither or grayscale or anything except simple text to complete. Everything else either hangs or terminal shows strange “unknown”Command. Been messing with every setting for two weeks. Upgraded to 0.9.9 (latest. ). Same issues

‘Unknown command’ sounds like you may have a communication issue. Have you used this board with other senders? I have not tested Marlin on anything other than 8 bit boards, and I’m not familiar with the SKR PRO board.

I have used it with Laserweb

Do you have other firmware options for that board? Marlin is really poorly suited for laser use - It doesn’t do variable power, so we recommend GRBL or Smoothieware if possible.

I am now getting good results using Marlin / SKR PRO. The setting in the ‘preview’ panel needed to be enabled. ‘adjust shading according to power’. Not sure why it’s hidden in the preview panel, I’d think it would be better suited in the ‘Cuts’ panel. Still dialing in a photo, but so far it’s pretty good.

That setting has no effect on the output to the machine, it’s just a setting to choose whether the preview shows grayscale power levels or not - it affects nothing else at all. If your machine is working after toggling that, it is a coincidence, or you changed something else at the same time.

I thought it was for the graphic. Probably was coincidental. Great software. Thanks for making it reasonably priced

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