Can the PRINT & CUT function used in conjunction with the LASER OFFSET setting?

I stumbled upon Laser Offset setting :point_up_2:t4: in the device setting, in order to find out more about it, I came across this post.

This set me thinking, is it possible to use Print & Cut function in conjunction with the laser offset setting?
possible scenario:

  1. If my red dot pointer is parallel to my laser head and after finding out the X & Y offset, I entered the values in laser offset setting.
  2. Ran the pointer on 1st reg mark > set 1st target position.
  3. Ran the pointer on 2nd reg mark > set 2nd target position.
  4. Ran the job.

Will this offset the entire job and be able to cut it the right way?

I’ve kept my laser head very close to the bed in order to avoid burn marks on paper, This doesn’t enable me to use the red dot as the laser head comes in the way.
Also I felt its better to check out if anybody has tried doing this before trying it out myself. :sweat_smile:

Please let me know, thanks.

I don’t believe this is included in the math, but it would be worth me adding support for it.

That’d be great!
Is it possible for this to be included in the upcoming update!? :smiley:

I’ve just added this for the next release.

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Installed LBRN 0.9.13
I don’t think that offset print & cut is functioning as its supposed to be.

I installed the red dot pointer parallel to the laser head, found out the offset values and fed them into the laser offset.

I did a test print and cut with laser offset enabled and pointing the red dot on the reg. marks.
After both the registering both the target positions, when I ran the job, the cut was completely off the charts and nowhere close to the contour.

After disabling the laser offset, everything worked fine using the old method of firing pulse on reg marks and running the print &cut job.

Other regular non-print & cut jobs are working completely fine with the laser offset enabled and are surprisingly accurate. It feels good to frame the work area using this method.

How far off were the cuts, and how large is the pointer offset?

Hey Sorry, getting back to you after a long time, I tried with the LBRN 0.9.13

The print & cut is off the charts with offset (offset values attached below).
Its fairly accurate like earlier without the offset(pulse & register) values though.

Although, laser offset has helped me a lot with non-print&cut operations!

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