Can this behavior be changed?

When I am preparing to enter text on a project, I do the following

  1. Click the Font Drop-down and select a font
  2. Adjust the font Height with the up/down arrows to the right of Height
  3. Begin typing my text
  4. Wonder why my text is not appearing on screen
  5. Notice my text is being entered into the text height entry box
  6. Backspace my text out of the text height entry box
  7. Click back on the screen to cause the focus to shift out of the text height entry box
  8. Type my text again

I would really be happy if I did not need to do steps 4 through 7.

Can you setup the text height box (really all the numeric only entry boxes) so they cannot accept characters and if a character is attempted to switch focus back to the main window?

I know this is not a big deal, but it seems like I wind up entering my text into the height box at least 2 or 3 times each editing session.

I’m not sure that I can, at least, not easily. Numeric controls only accept numbers as it is.

When you say, “Pick the font, then adjust the height, then start typing my text”… is there a reason not to just type the text first, then adjust the properties?

Alternately, I have already made it so if you use the drop-down to choose a font, when you pick one, it moves the focus back to the edit window automatically. So if you did height first, then picked the font, then typed, it would just work.

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The numeric controls are definitely accepting Alpha Characters as input

Thank you. Version and OS?

Version 9.09 Windows 10

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I do that quite often myself. 9.09 macOS 10.14.6 Mojave. It happens to me because I put different names on items and adjust the size so that it fits by eyeballing the text cursor. If I don’t click back on the object this gets me.

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