Can we get eps files added to the list?

Hello, first post as I have no real issues with the software. It does what I need well, except I really don’t use ai or pdf files regularly. I usually have eps files for what i’m working on an it is a bit of a pain to have to convert everything to ai. Is that something that could be added? Much appreciated.

There is a suggestion for this on fider. Seems like it needs more votes. :slight_smile:

I’ve looked briefly at EPS files. The format is more like a programming language than an art format (including subroutines and variables). It’s on the list, but it’s not simple.

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Ah, I figured something like that was the case.
Hopefully something to look forward to in the future as I’m sure a lot of your users would enjoy it.
Thanks for the reply and great software.

To help push this forward, make sure you add your vote to the link @Skerved shared. Click the up-arrow, just above the number, at the upper-left of that page. :wink:

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