Can we use the M104 command to control the laser instead of M106/M107?

Is there any way to configure Lightburn to be able to control the laser using the M104 command instead of M106/M107??

I wanted to use an old L-Cheapo that I tried out around years ago. It is not a PWM device and so doesnt use the fan line to control a lasers intensity. It uses the two 3d printer hotend wires.

It only uses the M104 command to control the laser; M104 S100 to turn the laser on full, and M104 S0 to turn the laser off

Any help appreciated.

In short, no - LightBurn supports specific configurations of hardware. The gcode generator was done as code so people couldn’t change it, because it means less chance of someone messing it up. We are planning to have a ‘generic’ gcode output option at some point, but we don’t have a timeline for that yet. The best option I have for you right now is a search/replace to change the M106/M107 pair to M104.

If the diode doesn’t have the ability to do PWM, you’ll quickly tire of it unless you have very specific things you’re planning on doing - the output will have burn marks at every corner, start & stop point.

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