Can you change x-axis top to bottom and horizontal left to right

building a new cabinet for my laser and wondering how Lightburn will act if the x is 4 ft wide and y in 30’. with the 30" (y-axis) running top to bottom and the 4 ft running left to right (x-axis)

Not sure I follow what you’re getting at. The X axis is normally left to right. The size shouldn’t matter to Lightburn if your laser can handle it.

I was just thinking I may not have worded that correctly.

The Laser head on my gantry (x-axis) runs left to right.
The gantry sets on the (y-axis) rails and moves front to back.

I want building a new cabinet that the work space is 4 feet wide by 30" deep.
This would make the laser head run from to back while the gantry in running right to left. this means the x and y axis have been rotated counter clockwise.

My question that with the gantry (was x-axis) running vertical and and the (y-axis is running horizontally. Do I need to switch the stepper motor connections on the x and y or leave them the same.
Will the engravings come out the same or what with light burn?

By definition, the X axis is horizontal and the Y axis is vertical, so when you rotate the hardware, you must rewire it to make the machinery match the definition:

  • Swap the X and Y motor cables
  • Swap the X and Y home switches

Because the X and Y axis motors move different hardware (laser head vs gantry), you must also swap the controller’s X and Y axis configurations, because their speed / acceleration / home direction settings will be different.

I swapped the axes after extending the rails on my CNC-3018 router (a much simpler thing than yours!), but my notes may be useful:

When you’re done, your LightBurn layout will be in portrait mode, rather than landscape mode, but everything will work just the same.

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