Can you do a youtube video on scanning reverse interval

can you do a video paining how to do this cheers gerry

I don’t have a video, but the docs cover it pretty well, and there’s a link to someone else’s site in the docs that explain it in a different way. Read through this and if you have questions, ask away:

The only thing that gets a little sticky is that you need to enter 1/2 the measured offset right now, because each line gets offset by whatever you enter. If the lines are split apart by 0.70 mm, then you’d want each line moved by 0.35 mm inward to line them up, and the rest is pretty easy.

hi thanks for that just need to know in the enable scanning offset adjustment panel where it says Speed Line shift Initial offset what do i put in line shift is that where i want it to be and initial offset is by how much the lines are out of alignment ive done the box with the lines and at 300 speed they are slightly out also at 1000 speed thanks gerry I’ve only had the laser 2 months all this is new to me

Initial offset is how much to move the whole design (in case a vector outline doesn’t line up with a scan), and Line Shift is how much to shift each line when going from one scan to the next. Most people only use the Line Shift values.

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