Can you run Lightburn without turning on the laser

Just bought a Neje 30w laser and set it up in my lounge because there’s no space in my tiny garden shed at the moment. I want to run the Lightburn software and the Ortur to get used to working with them both but don’t want to stink up the sitting room or set the table on fire.
Is there a short program (5min) I can run without doing any damage to the table or my nose?

I’m sure it sounds rather strange but while I’m waiting to get some space outside I could be familiarizing myself with the hardware.

Any suggestions, please.

Thanks a lot.

Just run the laser at extremely low power or no power at all. This will allow you run jobs without burning. Running with low power will allow you to see where the laser is hitting. Make sure you have proper eye protection when you do that.

Further to what berainlb said above, you could lightly cut or score thin cardboard with low power setting and higher speeds. That way you get to seeing a tangible outcome. This is in fact exactly what I did when I first received my machine. The slight smell of burning cardboard soon dissipates.

Hi Peter
Thanks for your reply. I didn’t want to run the machine any way other way than what I’ve learned so far. Better to be safe than sorry.
This is definitely one forum I’ll be spending a lot of time on in the future.

Thanks again.


Hi Michael, best of luck. You are at the beginning of a most rewarding journey.


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