Cannot connect Laser to Lightburn via ethernet (Mac OS)

Last week we got our personal lightburn training from Chris and he set up up with the laser configured using ethernet and IP settings.

Today when we go to connect the computer to the laser, lightburn says the device is disconnected. We have tried connecting the laser with the USB cord (like we did before Chris set up the ethernet connection, and Lightburn was able to see the laser, but it wants us to configure everything as if it is brand new again.

What are we doing wrong that we cannot connect to the laser via ethernet? Do we have to reconfigure it each and every time we unplug the ethernet cord?

It’s worth it to get it running over Ethernet… I will assume it’s going through a router to your lan and not plugged directly into the PC…

Sounds like you had it on the lan at one time, so it’s probably an IP issue…

The Ruida has a static IP, so it doesn’t query anything for an IP address.

Did he tell the router to associate the Ruida IP to it’s MAC address. This is referred to as binding the IP to the devices MAC address… that way it will always have the same address no matter the boot order.

I put the ip into the device name… so I know what IP I set in the device.


You have some tools to probe the Ethernet on your Mac or available for it for free… Don’t have one, but I have a Unix ($) variant, Linux that I use arp-scan command line and I can see all the devices on the lan.

Sing out if you have issues…

Good luck


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