Cannot crerate layers

I don’t have the color palette available to add layers in my work? Why?

You can go to the Window menu at the top, and click “Cut Palettte”, and that should bring it back.

It only allows me to add a layer to an imported image and does not let me select the color. If I create new file and just create two rectangles, it does not allow me to ungroup the two. If i select one to fill, it makes both fill. I want one to cut and one to fill but it will not allow me to create my own layers to fill, or scan. None of the colors come up at the bottom like others have stated to select. This is the trial version of the software, but I thought I had full capabilities. I wonder if this is why?

That’s not it - the trial version is stated as being completely unrestricted. We mean that.

You may have your screen too tall and have just pushed the color palette off the bottom. Can you show a screen shot? Is it hidden behind the Windows task bar at the bottom? This happens more often than you’d think.

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