Cannot engrave Ortur Master 3 Laser

Hi, Im using an Ortur Laser Master 3, Ive been following youtube videos, I can get an engraving to the stage of previewing it and it looks great then when I go to engrave it all it does is cut a straight line over and over again. What am I missing?

As a first step, check to make sure you do not have ‘Rotary Mode’ enabled. There may be an ‘Enable Rotary’ switch in the ‘Laser’ window (if you’ve enabled that switch), if you do not see that, try going to ‘Laser Tools’ > ‘Rotary Setup’, and making sure it’s switched off there.

If Rotary Mode is definitely off, are you able to jog the laser in every direction using the controls in the ‘Move’ window? If not, the stepper motor for whichever direction the laser cannot move in is likely not wired correctly, or is otherwise not functioning properly. That could be as simple as a loose connector.

HI thanks for your reply I went through the setup steps again and realised that I had Yrr, I flipped it over to the motor setting and everything started to work. However I now have a new problem the timing belt on the right hand side is making a knocking sound when I home the laser.

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