Cannot figure out my issue

Here is my issue. My Ortur 20w LM2 fixed lens is about 2 weeks old. It has been working fine I had it mounted to a board and engraved the centimeter grid with circles on the board. I found this file on the Ortur FB group under files. I really liked this grid so when I built my containment I wanted to use it. Every time I tried to burn it the laser stopped in the same place after 8 lines in the grid and I received an error 9 message. I used Laser GRBL and my Ortur worked great. I did 2 canvas in light burn and it ran flawless for over 10 hours of running in LightBurn. Tonight I tried to burn in LightBurn and every file I open I get a Error 9 and laser will not do anything. I went to laser GRBL and it worked flawlessly. I know my Ortur works fine but cannot burn anything in LightBurn. What is the problem?

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