Cannot find flood fill in the advanced tab of Cut Settings Editor

I can’t seem to find the flood fill option anymore. Has it been removed? The last article I find with any mention of the feature on the website dates back to 2019. TIA.

Changes have occurred in version 1.2.00

Sub-layers: multi-pass cut settings

We’ve removed the Fill+Line mode and replaced it with something much more powerful: Sub-layers. Any layer can now contain up to 11 layer passes, run in order, and each sub-layer can use any of the existing options like Fill, Line or Offset Fill. This allows for some tricky uses that we’ll be covering in upcoming tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Loading designs that use the Fill+Line mode will automatically convert them to a pair of sub-layers, with a Fill followed by a Line pass.

Important: If you save a file that was previously using Fill+Line mode, it will not load correctly in older versions of LightBurn, so please keep a copy of the old file if you want to be able to switch back.

It is in the advanced tab.

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Thanks. But it is not on my end with the newest update.

Got it. So it no longer exists then? I use the sublayers frequently but do not understand how that relates to the flood fill movement pattern. I used it to save time on specific files that it worked well with.

You have that layer set to line it needs to be fill

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:joy::woman_facepalming: Wow. I can’t believe I missed that. LOL. Thanks and my apologies for the inconvenience.


No worries! It happens to the best of us! :heart:

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