Cannot find "Job origin"

Good morning

I am not new to lightburn but somehow…

I cannot change the job origin! It used to be in the settings but no more.
Next to the co-ordinates is a box with 9 switches which I think is the job origin but I can change it as I like, it stays top right corner (the green block)

I use “Start from origin”. If I change it to “absolute co-ordinates” it moves to the left bottom corner which is correct. I looked everywhere, also FAQ but nothing.


Hi Guys

I just found it. If it was a snake it would have bitten me!!!

Please then just tell me what the purpose of the 9 "switches are.

Also, I want to cut an “A” and an “O” but the inside is going to fall out. I know you can put tabs in but how?

It’s the pivot point for rotational object arrangement.
Re. the text question, see the Stencil font in the Font dropdown list.

The nine-dots you’re showing there let you choose where resizing and rotation happen from, when using the numbers on the toolbar, so you can scale from middle (default), or any corner or edge.

For tabs, the simplest way is to use the boolean tools to remove a small portion of the characters, like this:

Draw your text:

Add some rectangles where you’d like the tabs:

Group the rectangles together, then select the text, then the rectangles, and click the Boolean Subtract button (or Alt -):

And here’s the result:

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