Cannot Frame with Tool


Trying to frame using the Tool ( set to output in ‘Frames’ panel ) but reports no output selected. Is this correct behaviour or bug ?

We’ll need to see your file as well, please upload it here so we can try to replicate it on our end. It will be a .lbrn2 file.

Using just a tool layer won’t frame. Tool layers set to frame will adjust the position of the zero point, but they don’t actually frame.

The problem is we need 3 “states”, but the toggle switch only allows for 2. We want:

  1. Don’t frame this tool layer at all
  2. Use the tool layer to adjust the location of the origin, but don’t actually frame it
  3. Actually frame this tool layer

We currently have 1 and 2, but not 3.

The reason for the 2nd option is that it allows you to draw a tool layer to represent your work piece, and when you frame it will show where the actual drawing will land within the piece.