Cannot resume after pausing

Ortur laser , lightburn 9.20
When I pause laser , then resume, no laser comes on ,
Newbe , be gentle !
thanks in advance

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I have the same problem. Seems pointless having the option when it results in you having to start all over again.

This is an Ortur firmware bug, and they’ve fixed it with Ortur firmware 140, downloadable from the firmware tab here: Ortur Laser Master 2 – Ortur

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Any suggestions to address " Important: DO NOT ATTEMPT FIRMWARE UPDATE ON MacOs". ??

Do the update from a PC. The update itself fixes the MacOS update issue as well. It’s a problem on the firmware itself, as MacOS litters your devices with extra files that contain information about the files you’re saving, drive contents, trash contents, etc. The Ortur firmware wasn’t designed to handle that and gets confused. You would need to use a PC to do the update to 140, after which you’d be able to update future firmwares from the Mac.

I have the Ortur master one. Can I also update using this new firmware?

I’m not sure- @OrturTech ?


The problem with updating the firmware on MAC is as Oz explained. Once update on windows the machine can be used on mac/linux etc. is the process of updating

Regarding other machines, 1.4 was launched for all machines
visit Ortur – Firmware Repository – Ortur and choose ORTUR LASER MASTER (picture will help identify machine)

Make sure you download the correct file for your machine. Once downloaded turn off your windows security and make sure you ‘unzip’ or ‘extract’ files.
Don’t forget to turn on windows security when you’re done…(speaking from experience).

All done and no problems. Working perfectly. Many thanks for a great update to an equally great little laser machine.

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