Cannot send files - "machine busy"

Yesterday everything was working just fine. Today I fire it up and try to send the same file to machine and I get – “There was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused.” It is not busy, it is not paused. The Ruida control panel is BLANK, lit up but nothing on the screen. The device is listed, and the software sees the device, but there is an asterisk in front of the machine name.
I have 2 80w machines and the other one works just fine. They are both connected to Lightburn via ethernet, have separate dedicated IP’s and the cables are fine. I have reset everything multiple times, but I still cannot get #2 to work.
I have even removed the device and re-installed it multiple times and still ZIP.
HOW do I get rid of the asterisk and get the machine to run again???

Has this configuration been working for some time or it was just setup yesterday for the first time?

I believe the asterisk may just represent the default device.

Are these identical machines?

What is the network topology between controller to computer? What are the IPs of laser #1, laser #2, computer, and other network connections on the computer?

What OS are you running?

Are you able to ping the IP of #2 successfully from your computer?

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