Cannot set home in front left

Ortur Master Pro 2 S2 I replaced a belt on the Y rail and engraved one job. When I tried the next job the laser would not home to the left front position ( it will go to the left all the way but will not move all the way to the front position. It stops about 2"from the front left on the Y axis. I tried tried resetting the home position by $22=0, then $22=1 with laser in front left. this did not fix the problem. I notice that the green job square stays in left front when I put a rectangle in the project box, when it should be in the left bottom of the highlighted object box.
I reset the control board from the backup file and that also did not work.
I thought the stepper motor was not working but it is because when I put the laser more than 2" into the project box and click on home the X axis goes all the way to the left and the Y axis moves to the front but stops about 2" from the front and will not move any farther unless I manually push it to the left front. I have exhausted everything I can find on the internet sites that matches my problem.

Start here. Sounds like it is binding. I assume it is a gantry machine and not a modified 3D printer. Did you make sure the gantry was square across the frame? Do you feel binding if you manually pull it forward with the power off?

Tell us how both sides of the gantry are driven…

Mike, My machine is a factory Ortur model and the only mods were a new control board about 4 months ago as well as a 10W laser. The gantry is square and there is no resistance when I pull it forward manually. As mentioned in my initial post I replaced the belt on the Y axis and it did home correctly for one job , but the second one is when I had trouble homing.
I replaced the belt because it came loose and I felt while I was fixing it I would go ahead and put a new one on as the machine is over 2 yrs old. I tried tightening the belt and that did not fix the problem, then I tried loosening the belt and that also did not fix the problem.

The Sculpfun test for correct tension is this:
Pull the bridge as far s it will go. Then tilt the machine up 45 degrees and the carriage should make it all the way to the back.

Di you replace both Y-axis belts? If they are not identical, that could be an issue.

Mike, I just tried shutting off the homing $22=0 and using the move arrows I can move the laser gantry Y and X to the y=0 and X=0 positions, but when I set homing at $22=1 the Y gantry will not come to the front but the X gantry does go all the way to the left. This was a fix that is one one of the Youtube videos that had a similar problem but it did not work for me.


Do you have soft limits enabled? Have you checked the dimensions on your soft limits?

So, you can move the laser to all positions, even until it hits both switches? That’s good. If you click on home, can you show the console messages you receive? If there is a failure during homing, the laser should tell you. Most likely, the switch is faulty or recognized incorrectly.

By the way, toggling the $22 setting does not change anything related to homing. Nothing is reset if you turn it on/off.

This sounds like you accidentally changed the origin settings. I use absolute coordinates and the green box is always at the LL corner, regardless of design location in workspace.

Can you jog the machine to extreme lower left using the LB move buttons?

[ORIGIN: China]



[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2]

[OLF: 190]


[SN: D270231FDDF05D2B1EE1EB36DB8172A2]


[DATE:15:24:15 - Oct 14 2022]



Target buffer size found





How do you check a limit switch?
When I move the gantry from LL to any position and hit home the X axis moves all the way to the left but the Y position does not move and it seems to be the new home position as I cannot jog to LL position

I think it is time to get Snapmaker involved. My sonar is pinging the controller board.

I have found that no matter what location I put the laser, when I click Home then click the get position button it always changes to Y = 00.00 and X= 00.00 which is the new home location. The X axis moves all the way to the left but the Y axis will not move to the front but I can move it to the back. Then that is the new Y= 00.00.

Did you say it is time to get Snapmaker involved? I do own a Snapmaker but the problem is with my **Ortur Master Pro 2 S2


My bad, I missed that in the first posting.

To me, that sounds like a firmware issue. If the laser doesn’t move in one axis, this can only be caused by the limit switch being recognized as pressed. But - the homing tries to clear the switch, and if that fails, you get an error message. Your firmware seems not to care about errors and just declares the homing cycle as finished and sets the zero position. I’d flash a new firmware version if possible. I don’t know Ortur machines very well.

I checked the frame and it is square. No binding when I move laser manually. Y axis is driven by 2 stepper motors.

That means one motor could be stopping due to a cable or plug issue on one of them. Strange you can pull it up there and both motors seem to work. Record your $25 parameter, the enter $25=500 and see if that affects homing. Watch the cables carefully while it is Homing.

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