Can't burn image after update

Morning, I’ve been burning tiles for days and this morning after the update I can’t get an image to burn. I have a homing macro, then a position macro to move to the tile position. Been working no problem. Now when I hit Start to burn the picture it just hangs and give error in console

Starting stream
On or near line 2:
Stream completed in 0:00
[MSG:Reset to continue]

any ideas? X-carve(new model) with jtech 3.8w laser running 1.1f


































ALARM 2 just means it’s trying to go out of bounds. Likely not an issue with the update, but an issue with your origin setting or the machine origin.

What does ‘Get Position’ tell you? (your settings should include $10=0 and don’t appear to)

Alarm: 2 is an “Out of bounds” message. This is telling you that you are trying to run a job that will travel outside of what the controller thinks is out of the currently known bounds of the workspace. This means your cut is about to go outside of the programmed limits of the machine.

So whether you’re actually trying to go out of bounds or not, GRBL thinks you are.

What do you have set for the ‘Start From’ and ‘Job Origin’? Do you have limit switches set up with this system?

Thanks for the quick replies. Start from: Current position.

$10 was set to 115 - I set it to $10=0 like Oz suggested.

I rehomed and used my macro to position over tile. Same thing.

I shut down and restarted the application and redid above. This time I clicked on the image to burn before hitting Start and its working now. I’ll try some more testing once this tile burns.

Thanks again

Do you happen to have ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ turned ON (green)? If so, you may have had something selected that was out of bounds. Just my guess.


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