Can't change the max / min power value in controler

I have the Ruida RD6332G, I use to be able to change the value max and min power but now, they are fixed a 17% (max and min) and whatever I do, they are back at this value.

Should I factory reset?

I’m a bit affraid to loose any configuration the company might have done for my machine.

thanks for any input,


How do you mean, they are fixed? Does this happen with RDWorks as well as LightBurn?

I only have access to Lightburn because the administrator of the network of the college never wanted to install Rdworks, they say their anti-virus was triggered in every download they tried.

I mean, if I put new digit on the key pad and press enter, they are back at the previous value whenever I check. For some reason, I cannot change the value anymore. Everything stay at 17%.


Do you mean the keypad on the controller itself? Power values are changed in LightBurn on the layer settings in the Cuts window. There are ways to change them in a job once it’s on the controller, but they’re quite cumbersome.

Yes, I mean in the Ruida key pad.
I can enter different value in Lightburn.
If I enter value in Light burn above 17%, I will see a difference but anything below will have no effect.
I can put 0% in lightburn and it will still fire (I presume 17%).
I have two laser heads and both values of both laser are lock at 17% (so 4 values).


That just sounds like the controller is vendor configured with a minimum firing amount. This is normal. You haven’t mentioned anything about the laser itself, but high wattage glass tubes have a threshold below which they will not fire - roughly 10% of the tube wattage, but that varies. My 100w tube would not fire lower than 12%. There is a setting in the controller itself, in the vendor / manufacturer settings, to force a minimum, so I would guess this is what you’re seeing.

Do not do a factory reset - that will reset all the settings to Ruida’s defaults, not the company who made your laser and set all the configuration appropriately for that machine.

I use to be able to change those values. I was going as as low as I wanted and I did observed that it started to work around 10-12 %. Now the value cannot be changed, (min and max). I can manege to du cuts by changing speed but to engrave, I think its limiting my capability.

Are you saying that no change made on the LightBurn cut settings is having an effect on the machine itself? That is odd. You can look at the vendor settings - Go to Edit > Machine Settings and look at these values near the bottom:

Be very careful in there and don’t change anything without remembering what you touched so you can change it back, in case it doesn’t work.

So in Edit > Machine Settings > laser settings,
my settings were 17% min and 80% max for both laser.
I was able to change that to 10% min on both. If I open the window again, I will see that the value stayed at 10. But on the ruida keypad, it was still saying 17% min. Having set it to 10 min, now I can enter any digit between 10 and 80.

I don’t know were that bug came from because I use to be able to change those value in the keypad.

thanks again for your patience.


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