Can't close figure

I can not figure out where my shape is not connected together. when i do preview it says there are 3 shapes not closed. I do find open shapes set for fill and it selects this one object only. I have tried auto join and close path. As far as i know all the shapes snapped together when this shape was made.

is there a trick to see which nodes are not actually joined?

When looking at the image below, notice there are multiple “green squares” for the top rectangle. This is showing that the rectangle is made up of several objects arranged to look like a rectangle. When in ‘Edit Nodes’ mode, the green square indicates the start of the path. The next and subsequent nodes are indicated with a dark-red square. Notice how they are overlapping in all corners except the upper-right.

Below, I have separated these objects to show how the rectangle is assembled.

When node editing, understanding these visual indicators can help identify where your path has not been closed.

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so how do i make them close? I thought they would close when snapped together

In this case, if I grab the left-side node (dark-red square) of the lower line and drag it up and to the left, and hover over the bottom node (green square) of the left-side line and then release the mouse, the node should “snap” to the green node, joining them into a single path as you can see below. This successful action is indicated by the green square changing to dark-red and becoming a single node. Repeating this process to close the other corners will close this rectangle.

i believe ive done this. is it possible to upload the file and perhaps you could look? I am still in the trial phase and this has happened a few times. Its just that this time when i do preview it removes this whole big chunk, its not usually noticeable wherever it removes items.

You should be able to upload your .LBRN file here using the ‘Upload’ button while editing your post as shown below.


Post it here and I can take a look. Might take a bit as it is Sunday afternoon where I am. :slight_smile:

There is a problem with some imported vector files where you cannot get the lines to join. Neither “node editing join” nor the “auto join” will work. I reported this a couple of months ago and sent the file in before the big move but I don’t think you guys have had time to look at it. This sounds suspiciously similar.

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