Cant connect after update to 1.1.03 from 1.0.06

Hello, installed LB 1.1.03 on to a other system also with USB connection, i cant connect anymore.
Not tryed the older version (1.0.06) , to see if that still works.
If i let LB look find the laser , i tells me that i`m use a grbl1.1 or early version.
Its not, its a topwishdom AT-TL3

Do i missed something ?


The auto-detection can sometimes be incorrect. Go ahead and complete the installation with GRBL-M3. Then go back to devices, edit your device, and switch to GRBL.

But i dont have grbl.

Ah, sorry. Got confused with a different brand.

Do you possibly have something connected to the computer that’s getting confused for a GRBL laser?

As for the Top Wisdom controller, have you installed the requisite drivers for the controller? You may need to install AutoLaser to get the necessary drivers. See if that will connect to your controller. Then LightBurn should also work.

@berainlb ,And that did the trick, nice, had to install Autolaser to get all drivers.
Thank you very much.

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