Can't connect to RUIDA 6442S via USB on Macbook Air M1 Mac Os X 11.4 (big Sur)

i can’t detect my ruida system when i whant to connect with my Macbook Air M1 via usb-c.
It works perfectly fine with a PC with (same Cable) or a Macbook Pro with standard USB 2 port.
It works also perfectly fine while using a GRBL based Laser Cutter (same cable, so i think it’s not a cable problem) with macbook air M1.
Any idea how to fix that ?

Any help would be great !

I saw some posts about the Mac having issues with drivers. Have you checked them? You might search the site for a post on Macs not connecting.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve already checked but nothing similar. But thx

I’m really not sure but i think it’s a usb-c or big sur problem…

Probably, but I’m also sure you’re not the only one with the issue:)

I understand USB-c is a different animal with more data paths. I didn’t think it was very standard now.

From another thread, starting here:

If you can, Ethernet is also an option with fewer communications issues.

When I first received my laser it was out of ‘range’ of any of my wired networks. Way too far away for a long cable thought the house. So I connected directly with my pc. I set the IP to something unique in my local network and set the lasers gateway to my computers IP. Connected right up… Kind of a kludge… but it was quick… :slight_smile:

I have since purchased $25 router that I’m using as a wireless bridge. So it’s on the network now even at distance.

Take care :slight_smile:

P.S. tried to answer a question here, but the resultant reply is questionable. I dropped his lightburn file back after the fix, but it isn’t showing up right. Might be confusing… Thanks.

Yes, completely. I am not sure what the context is here. :slight_smile:

Update Big Sur to 11.5.1 and thoroughly check the system for viruses, Avast and this guide will help you.

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