Can't connect unless I restart :(

I’m on a Macbook pro, I installed the FTDI drivers, restarted and added+connected to my machine.

Did some work, then disconnected from the machine, shut down the laser and used the laptop in another room, a few hours later I put the laser on again but unable to connect to the laser via the laptop.

Restarted the laptop and it connects fine.

Tried it a few times, unless I restart the laptop (a major PITA) everytime it wont let me connect to the laser.

What to do?


Which version of MacOS are you running? There are known issues with MacOS and FTDI devices conflicting, and what you’re describing is exactly how it presents itself - the port locks until you restart because the driver included in the OS conflicts with the driver provided by FTDI.

The way to fix it is to remove one of them (or tell one that it’s no longer responsible for those devices).

This driver has been offered as a possible fix:

This is what I am running,

Can you walk me through this please?

So remove the current and add that one or just add that and restart?


I think you just install the one I linked, but I haven’t actually done this, or needed to do this.

Ok, will try and report back after a while :wink: