Can't Control Laser via Lightburn

I’m unable to control my CO2 Ruida laser (OMTech) from Lightburn. I can send to the laser and run from the Ruida controller but I can’t control the laser from Lightburn. For example, I can’t move the laser from the Lightburn move window and I can’t frame from the laser window. I suspect that I’m missing either a Lightburn setting or a Ruida setting. Please help!

Your profile says it’s a grbl controller… Might want to add on your new item…

If you’ve upgraded… congrats

Are you USB or Ethernet? I’d suggest Ethernet for dependability.

You also need the DSP license upgrade… I assume you did that since you advised the ability ti send a file and run it from the control panel.

If you can do these I can’t see a reason you can’t control it in the ‘move’ window.

Does the Laser window top left show ‘Ready’?

You are going to have to give us more to go on…



It didn’t work yesterday. It’s working today. I made no changes to my setup. I’m very happy but I’d like to know why it’s now working.

You probably have some type of intermittent issue.

Do you USB?

I’d go Ethernet. Made my life with Ruida much more pleasant.

Good luck


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