Can't control laser

hello, when I try to frame it works but when I try to do anything else, it just stays busy without doing anything. It doesn’t even move and it always says busy although laser is not doing anything. When I try to start a cut, it just gives me an error.

It looks like you’re using a very old GRBL version, like 0.8. The format of the responses from the board is different than what LightBurn is looking for, so it likely won’t work.

ok, but the thing is I’ve bought this device and I’ve bought your software. Your software has an option of grbl before 1.1 so I think there should be a solution for this problem

The entire reason we provide a 30 day trial is so you can verify that the software works for your hardware, because it’s impossible to support everything. Send me your order information and I’ll refund you, or alternately, update to a newer version of GRBL.

Refund is not an option for me. As a mac user, Lightburn is the only software that supports mac. Thank you for your interest

As a person who has enough money only to buy a laseraxe, which is working on grbl 0.8, I would really appreciate if you could support it

Why can’t you update your firmware?

Because I’m using laseraxe and although they use Arduino, their pinning is different so as much as I understand from forums, if I update, most functions such as x axis or even laser it self will most probably stop working

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