Cant controle the laser output

Hello, i read the manual about the power settings, but when i cut with 5% of 100% (80% max) the value of the amp meter is 22 ma, for engraving it runs like it should, there are can see the difference in power on the amp meter.
Whats do i miss ? or dont understand ?

Don’t follow you here…

Is your layer set to 5%?, where does the 80% come in?

This is meaningless knowing ‘only’ that your machine is ‘home built’

I understand you know what it is, but there is little here in the way of information that can help us help you.



i agree with you, let me try again:slight_smile:

I set my maximum output of my laser to 80%, so 100% in LW is 80% on the laser.
So no wurrys about over powering the system. But this has nothing to do with my problem. Here come: in LW you can set the powerout min/max for cutting, seems it doesnt matter what i put there i always cutting with output 100% (22milliamp on the machine), when you cut parts do yo have always maximum milliamp on the machine ?, that also why i wrote, with engraving i can see that the milliamp changes when i change the pwer output for the job, may this clear something up, and Yes its a homebuild machine

Where did you set this?

where are you putting ‘it’. Is it a layer entry?

How fast are you cutting and what value are your start speeds set?

Might be helpful to screenshot the layer information…

Thanks for confirming that you own some kind of ‘home built’, which confirms I know at least the same amount about your machine as when I asked.

Is it a 5W or a 50kW machine? How could I possibly relate your mA readings, lacking this information…?


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