Cant cut a circle created in LB constant connection/busy

I’m having issues and really could use some help.

I needed just a simple circle 80.5mm. I drew it in LB set it to be cut and it stops about 25% and stops. In tiring to fix or see why, it out it all so changes speed on it own as well. 3 hours and still no circle.

As well as " waiting for connection" or Busy when it not doing anything. The only way to Reconnect is power off the laser and back on. This happens at any time.

This is what I have:
K40 laser
Mini Gerbil ( control board)
Gerbil 1.1f
Lighburn 0.9.01 trial
Windows 10

S-value max and $30 are the same numbers. Grounds are good, Belts are tight but not to much.

EDIT: fixed all but the Repeating Program " not responding".

Get the latest LightBurn 0.9.02 - it fixes some communications issues.

Ill give that a try. Doing that now.

Didnt help, still connection and busy issues with program not responding.