Cant do a 2nd Camera calibration

Can anyone help. I did a camera calibration for 5mp 160 and set everything up and then realized the camera was mounted to far away to see anything in detail so I have tried recalibrate but now the software is not allowing me to run a new calibration under the same pre set. Very frustrating isnt there away to simply reset this? I have tried restarting the laptop but no luck.

You should not need to calibrate again if you got good scores in the first cycle. Just run alignment again with the new location.

But the camera is in a different mount location doesnt that matter? plus I tried the alignment but the image was not really clear enough to mark the locations easily

Does not matter. Calibration is not tied to location.

You may need to adjust focus on the camera.

I adjusted the focus the problem was after calibration the overlay image we not very good quality meaning I would struggle to engrave in a precise location. I assumed this was because the 5mp - 160 watt camera was mounted at the top of my Omtech laser case which is about 50cm from the bed. So I moved the camera to the only other available place which is at the bottom of the lid which was about the minimum height required. When I just done that even after the alignment the overlay image was slightly bowed enough to give an inaccurate cut.

Did you adjust focus before or after completing calibration and alignment? And did you do calibration with the camera already mounted? You want the camera to be in good focus while the laser is focused on the material. This is true if you calibrated with pattern on bed and critically important for alignment.

The greater the angle and the greater the distortion the more work the calibration algorithm is going to have to work to get you something accurate and the greater the effect of any error in the process.

What exactly is happening if you try to run calibration again? I’ve never had a problem with this.

Worst case scenario you could potentially remove the calibration information in the prefs file.

I adjusted the focus before hand but despite being successful the calibration and doing the next stage there is warp in the over lay and the whole bed is not shown. So I want specifically try the calibration for the 5mp 160 preset again but the software does not allow me to . I can select the full calibration but it seems impossible to get any captures. why an earth does it not allow me to calibrate again on the preset, its bloody annoying !

suddenly the software allowed me to the calibration but it was clearly distorted. I went on to the alignment and decided to do it larger scale pressed on the points and after did a overlay pic not all the bed showed in the overlay and the bottom of it was warped again. Frankly ridiculous

Have you tried changing the location of the camera? Closer centering of the bed will likely help avoid distortion.

Either the bed is not in view on the camera or the way you’ve done the alignment makes LightBurn believe that the camera is situated in a way that only a portion of the bed is visible.

The camera is a 5mp 160 and easily showed the whole bed when I did the calibration and alignment. But I can’t do another calibration because the software does not allow me so I can re position tbe camera. Also on my 60 watt omtech there are only 2 mounting positions at the very top of the door and at the bottom near the laser. I think the top which is around 50cm from the bed is probably to far away for good focus and the lower position is not working …perhaps it’s to close to the minimum. That said I cant re do the calibration because the software does not allow me…I even tried to uninstall and install the software again but it rememebered the old settings and assumed the calibration is complete.

I can’t place the camera just slightly higher because it would hit the laser.

What exactly is preventing you in the software? Can you take a screenshot?

Also, repositioning the camera is unrelated to calibration. You only need to redo camera alignment when repositioning.

How big is your bed and where do you have the camera mounted now?

when I select the pre set a message appears saying calibration complete move on to alignment. My bed is 60x40 I had it mounted at the bottom of the door (omtech 60 watt) closest to the bed before i mounted it at about 51 cm from the bed at the top of the door

Can you take a screenshot of what this looks like? When first starting calibration you should have the opportunity to pick “Full Calibration” or one of the presets. Did you get that option?

I ended up re setting the software will see if re run will help thanks for your help I will update progress

Junk is the one word I can use to describe the lightburn camera and set up process. I have now done 2 alignment tests and the overlay is image is murky and hardly fit for purpose and the overlay does not show the whole bed — Ridiculous

Why do they sell a 5mp which is such poor quality it cant be used?

Were you able to go through the calibration process? If so, what sorts of scores did you get?

Can you go through alignment process and take screenshots? There’s likely something not quite right as you you should be able to get a full view of your bed assuming an adequate amount of the bed is visible.

I got excellent scores on the calibration and I just ran another alignment use paper covering the whole bed and increased the scale of the alignment to for which was 200% but still the bed area is cropped pictures enclosed

Pictures attached

Not sure they went through trying again