Can't engrave multiple images in one pass

I’m pretty new to Lightburn, but has been using RDWorks for many years. I have multiple images in a row and I’d like them to be engrave all the same time (i.e. laser head passes all of the during each scan). But I can’t find anyway to force this in Lightburn as it always trying to engrave one image at a time before going to another one. I’ve tried different optimization settings, but it still scans one and then goes to next one.
I’m sure it might be more efficient this way, but I’m working on rotary device that holds multiple objects and they all need to be scanned at once… Is there any setting that will allow me to do that?
RDWorks doesn’t seem to have this issue, as it covers all objects row by row when engraving…

LightBurn currently cannot engrave multiple images combined in a single scan. Theoretically, you would have to set the multiple images up in an external program and bring the combination into LightBurn as a single image.

I know it has been mentioned before, but I was not able to find an existing feature request for it.

You can file this request on our feature suggestion site:

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