Can't find any way to add my rotary to the software in tools

Help, I watch videos and they show the option in tools to add the rotary but my software doesn’t show that option. We checked, the software is updated.

What kind of controller does your machine use?

If it’s a Trocen controller (AWC 708, for example) they don’t let me change the rotary settings in software. If it’s a TopWisdom controller, support for that one is still a work in progress and I haven’t added the rotary code yet.

it is a topwisdom controller. I purchased the rotary as well and it doesn’t show it connected. When will this be available? I like your software and am almost to the end of the free trial but don’t want to pay for it if I will have to buy something else to do cups.

Post your trial ID and I’ll extend the trial for you. I’m hoping to have TopWisdom completed by the end of this month. You won’t have to pay for other software, you’ll just be stuck with what shipped with the machine (AutoLaser). As far as I know, LightBurn is the only alternative for TopWisdom machines.

Hi Oz,
Any update on the TopWisdom rotary functionality? I too have a new machine with a TopWisdom controller, and so far you software (in a trial) looks very good, but I have also spent the last two days trying to make it work with the rotary stage.

Eventually I read that the “rotary setup” button in the Tools is only available for certain controllers, so fine, but everything else has failed too. I would be fine doing the math and changing the Y-steps when I use the rotary, but for some reason when I connect the machine and try to go to “machine settings” in the Edit tab it always says “Communications with controller failed.” I know I am connected though because I can control the laser head from Lightburn on my computer (home, frame, etc).

So I can’t even change the steps or the idle speed for the machine. Any idea why that is? Is there any other way to hack my way through this for the time being? I suppose I could just complete my design and then squish it in the Y direction by some correction value (I would have to test and see how far off it is); but is that going to have any other issues with idle speeds or accelerations?

Thanks, and hope to hear back soon.

The reason is we haven’t written the machine settings part yet, or rotary. It’ll get there relatively soon - I’m hoping to button up TopWisdom support within a month.

Okay, thanks for getting back. So then all I can do right now is squish my design in Y-axis by a scale factor that I test for? Will there be any other risks in terms of acceleration or move speeds that could damage my equipment? If so do you know if I can adjust these setting in the controller on the machine directly?

And so if my trial expires before that is done can I get an extension as well?

Thanks for your help.

As for,

When your trial gets down to a week or less, send your trial key to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and reference extension of TopWisdom beta. Providing us a little time, we can sort you there. :slight_smile:

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