Can't find the right laser upgrade!

My current laser is an Ortur Laser Master 2, I’ve built him his own enclosure with an air assist and an exhaust system, I mainly engrave and cut 1.5mm baltic birch, moving up to 3mm MDF the cut time is less than optimal for cost effective production so I tend to stray from doing anything other than 1.5mm. Browsing around, the FSL Muse looks to be very close to what I want in an ideal machine for what I expect to do. The huge turn off for me is the RE3 program, I am wondering what other alternatives will come close that are more user friendly, I’m a huge Lightburn fanboy too.

If you just want to cut 3 mm MDF you have a lot of choices. Most all in that range are going to have proprietary software that LightBurn doesn’t support.

Even those will need upgrades like a better inline fan etc.

For the price you can get a Chinese CO2 and tinker with it to fit your needs as I am doing. Or you can spend a few thousand more and get a laser CO2 laser that works “out of the box” like a Boss Laser and the like.

Check Ortur threads here to see mods like air assist or NEJE heads with dual beams that have no problems cutting materials like that. MDF isn’t recommended for diode cutting, especially indoors. They make a special MDF for laser cutting, still not recommended indoors though.

If I were you I’d upgrade to a stronger diode, use a better Diode head and upgrade the exhaust a little more. Tinkering with a CO2 and aligning etc is not for the faint of heart or skillset.