Cant get Lightburn to connect

Im new to this and need a little direction. Lightburn isnt recognizing my machine. Its a Chinese 100w with Rudia controller.

What have you tried? What OS are you using? I “need a little direction” as well. :wink:

How are you trying to connect (USB or Network, wired or wireless)? Are you on a Mac by chance? If so, try turning OFF any Bluetooth Headphones as there is a known issue, fixed for the next release. You can also define a ‘Device Profile’ manually. Cancel the Auto-find and click ‘Manual Setup’ and select Ruida as the starting point. Complete screens with appropriate info and select ‘Finish’. LightBurn will then try to establish communication with your laser and display success or failure at the center-bottom of the screen.

PC win 10. I tried the manually config and its still not connecting.

Im connecting by USB

Does Windows “ding”/recognize the addition of this new USB device when you plug it in? Did you install the included FDTI drivers as part of the LightBurn install?

its dings, but not sure about drivers

You will see them during the initial few screens of the Windows install. Sorry, I don’t remember the exact screen, but you can run the install again.

ok Im going to try that thank you, Ill update this thread after the reinstall.

Rick your the man. I missed that the first time. Thank You, Its connected.

You are welcome. Glad to see you got this sorted.

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